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Why Your Cat Needs Professional Cat Grooming in Clearview


Cats are well-known for being fastidious by nature. Unfortunately, this has led to some serious misc...

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The Benefits of Professional Cat Grooming in Bellevue


Your fastidious feline may spend most of her day grooming herself, but that doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t benefit from some professional TLC from time to time. While cats dedicate a lot of time and energy to cleaning themselves, they simply can’t

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Seattle Times Interview: "Woodinville cat groomer puts his finicky clients at ease"


"Alex the Cat Groomer says confidence is key to keeping his customers calm. “The cat senses if you’r...

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Why Your Cat Needs a Nail Trim in Seattle


Just like dogs, cats require regular nail trims to snip off the sharp hooks that form on the ends of...

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Where to Turn for Cat Grooming in Fremont, WA


Cats are fastidious by nature, but it’s a common misconception that they are capable of taking care ...

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