Effective Cat Flea Treatments in Woodinville
Cat Flea Treatments in Woodinville

Effective Cat Flea Treatments in Woodinville

If you’re a complete cat lover, you likely wish you could adopt every kitty you see. The mangy ones you see on vacation. The scared and lonely ones at the Humane Society. That tabby cat that likes to sit on your car hood. (Okay, there’s a good chance that one just belongs to your neighbor.) When you do bring a new kitty into your home, it’s difficult to remember that they might need more than just love and affection. Strays and rescues might also require some effective cat flea treatments in Woodinville -- and some solid advice to help you keep your home pest-free.


Cat Flea Treatments in Woodinville

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If you’ve recently adopted a cat, it might be surprising to get that call from the groomer that your new bundle of love has some not-so-lovely bundles they’ve been carrying around. Thankfully, there are medications like Capstar that are inexpensive, safe and highly effective at quickly killing fleas. Many veterinary clinics will give this to pets who get dropped off for comprehensive exams or dental procedures if they find a flea lurking about. The reason is that fleas can certainly jump to other hosts, particularly other pets in the area. Groomers do the exact same thing. We can even be a pet’s first line of defense in giving cat flea treatments here in Woodinville -- no vet trip required. One thing you need to be aware of is certain flea medication sold over the counter. They can be very toxic to your feline and you should always consult a veterinarian before using any topical treatment. Your cat groomer can also advise you on this.



Plan of Attack

If your cat has fleas, then there’s a good chance your home has fleas too. They’re tricky little buggers, with eggs that take a while to hatch that are harder to get rid of. If you continuously have problems with fleas, there are plenty of long-term preventatives that we can suggest you look into. For current flea infestations, we can offer advice on the best way to go about getting rid of them once and for all, eggs included. You may find that once the fleas are gone, you have a much more comfortable and happy cat. Since some animals have allergic reactions to fleas (in addition to the potential health threats), removing the allergens could reduce rashes and other skin problems.



If you need help and advice on effective cat flea treatments in Woodinville, Alex the Cat Groomer is here to talk.





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